Why Brain Teasers are Good for You
October 10, 2022

As your physical health improves with exercise, mental health benefits significantly from mental workouts. And what better way to challenge your brain and have fun than with brain teasers?

Apart from stress relief, your overall well-being receives a huge boost when you take breaks regularly to task your brain with teasers. Some other reasons teasers are great for you include:

1. Full brain workout

Your brain has two hemispheres: left and right hemispheres. The left side is in charge of analytical and logical thinking. The right side controls creativity.

Since most brain teasers encourage you to think logically and creatively, solving brain teasers often helps develop the brain entirely. In the end, you will find you think quite broadly and more quickly than you used to.

2. Memory enhancement

Aging comes with gradual memory loss. The degree of forgetfulness varies from person to person, but it is a known fact that the memory deteriorates with time.

However, you can keep your memory in top condition even as you age by practicing brain teasers often. Brain teasers help build connections between neurons since you have to remember patterns while solving any brain teasers. Over time, your short-term memory improves.

3. Stress relief and mood enhancement

Brain teasers are excellent for your mental health. Concentrating on one task at a time helps your brain cells relax as you solve the problems, reducing your stress levels.

Your mood also gets better as you complete the challenges. When a teaser is complete, studies indicate that dopamine–a neurotransmitter prevalent when we are delighted–is in high concentration. This explains why we feel better after completing brain teaser challenges.

4. Enhances spatial reasoning

If you get lost easily or have a poor sense of direction, solving brain teasers is ideal for improving your navigation skills. Brain teasers often challenge your spatial senses and upgrade your ability to identify patterns.

5. Improves problem-solving skills and IQ

Brain teasers present various challenges in different scenarios. Solving these challenges requires a lot of critical thinking, as you will constantly be thinking up solutions to new problems.

The various challenges help you adapt to and cope well in many real-life situations. Also, because your brain cells receive and process more information often, your IQ increases gradually after playing brain teaser games for a while.

6. Fun and mental development for kids

For young children, solving brain teasers is a fun exercise. Also, they get to develop a variety of skills that prepare them for life. For example, kids who solve puzzles regularly often attempt problem-solving more creatively and quickly than those who don’t.

Brain teasers also help teachers and parents break complex concepts down so that the kid quickly understands the basics of such topics. Using brain teasers as a teaching aid also helps make the lessons more interesting for young children.

Whether you are young or old, brain teasers are excellent sources of entertainment. They also help improve your mental abilities and maintain proper mental health.