Top Networking Books
October 20, 2022

Networking is one of the fundamental ways to advance your career and build professional relationships. However, this may be difficult as not everyone has the natural ability to connect with people.

But while it may be difficult, it is not impossible. There are many networking books in the market to boost your confidence and help you climb your way up to the apex of the networking ladder. With these books, you’ll learn top networking secrets.

Here are some of the top networking books.

1. Top of mind

John Hall’s Top of Mind seeks to explain how you can create a good impression that lasts for long, even after the introduction phase. He explains that the best way to achieve that is by developing a brand around helping others. The book will help make you and your brand remain in the minds of those you connect with, making them place you on their priority list.

2. Never Eat Alone

According to Keith Ferrazzi, the essential thing you can do for your business or brand is to stay relevant, and the most straightforward approach to achieving that is staying in people’s limelight. The book also advises you to leverage your social media platforms and use them to help build connections and check in with contacts often. Also, it teaches readers how to break into rigid social groups and work conferences to their benefit and get past setbacks and rejections. This book is a must-read for people who want to become and remain leaders.

3. The Charisma Myth

Unlike popular opinion, people are not born good or bad communicators. In the Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox, she says that all one needs to become a good communicator is to build a mindset and train oneself with methods to build charisma. In this book, you will learn simple tips and actions to be more active in conversations. You will also learn the types of charisma to help you know and understand how to motivate someone in several situations. This book will enlighten you thoroughly and take your networking skills to a polished level.

4. Talking to strangers

Talking to strangers by Malcolm Gladwell reveals the art of starting conversations with strangers. It explains what may go wrong during the conversation and how one can avoid these pitfalls. The book is available in an audio form, hardcover, ebook, and paperback.

5. Superconector

Superconnector is a book by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh. The book talks about how to build healthy relationships that will elevate you to the next stage of your career. The authors share stories of many community builders who made it to the top of their careers. The book isn’t specific to any profession so it can help anyone in any discipline. Every chapter of this book will push you to take on new risks and offer you sound advice on following through with them.

6. The thought leader formula

The Thought Leader Formula by Robin Farmanfarmaian explains that networking goes beyond swapping cards or shaking hands. The book delves into how one can take ideas and make them attractive and marketable. She also explains that clearly delivering your message is key to getting engagement from people.