Top 5 Brain Teaser Apps
October 17, 2022

Stress and anxiety are major causes of mental health breakdown. Poor mental health contributes to the deterioration of other forms of human well-being, as it directly influences every sphere of our lives.

Using brain teaser apps helps alleviate most of the stress and tension accumulated from our day-to-day activities. Apart from being fun and educative, most brain teaser apps help to exercise the brain by increasing cognitive functions while preventing the development of nervous disorders such as dementia.

Some of such apps that would help you stay mentally fit include:

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is one of the most popular brain teaser apps. With over 100 million users worldwide and lots of mental tests based on neuroscience research, Lumosity boasts an excellent site for boosting your cognitive capacities.

The app helps you train your brain to process faster, make better decisions, and notice little details through five-minute sessions. It also improves memory and problem-solving skills.

Once in, you take a ten-minute test to check out how your cognitive skills rank among users worldwide. Then, on the free mode, you will be able to play three games per day.

Lumosity has a variety of game categories to suit your interest at different periods, ranging from memory games to speed games and math and vocabulary building games. It is available on many app stores and is compatible with most smartphones.

2. CogniBrain Fitness

CogniBrain Fitness helps you improve your reasoning skills and increase your mental alertness. It also allows users to keep track of their mental health status by tracking their daily progress.

The app offers insights to help you maintain a healthy mental state. It also features a multiplayer mode which allows competitive users to test themselves against others. CogniBrain Fitness is free for the first four games, after which you access the features with a thirteen-dollar monthly subscription.

3. Personal Zen

Personal Zen is ideal for relieving stress and anxiety. It does this by making the users focus on positive reasoning rather than negative scenarios.

A single session will help improve your mood considerably. You get better results by using the app continuously.

4. Happify

Happify aims to help you maintain a cheerful mood throughout the day. The app encourages users to drop negative thoughts and embrace positive habits, and it helps them cope with stress.

These attributes typically help people achieve fulfillment. There will be fewer occurrences of depression associated with stress and anxiety with happier, more fulfilled people. You can install Happify from the Apple store.

5. Peak Brain training

Peak Brain training is a highly rated brain teaser app available for iOS and Android users. The app has several game categories that help you improve your memory, quick thinking, and mental agility.

Each game category features intense five-minute sessions that engage your mental abilities. The app analyzes insights to improve your reasoning abilities based on your results. Peak Brain training is free on all platforms.

Maintaining a healthy life often starts with paying attention to your mental well-being. Brain teaser apps present a two-pronged approach to this by providing fun and entertainment and improving your cognition the longer you use them. Some of the best-rated brain teaser apps are included in this article.