Six of the Most Challenging Puzzles in the World
October 20, 2022

While there are millions of puzzles to choose from, some of these puzzles are highly challenging and require much genius to complete. These puzzles put a player’s problem-solving skills to the test and can be so complicated that most players give up and never return, but for some, the challenge excites them and keeps their brains active. If you are the latter, this article is for you. Below is a list of the most challenging puzzles in the world:

1. The Secret of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island is among a long line of successful point-and-click puzzles. The puzzle requires players to use dance steps to locate buried treasures or transfer grog between mugs to break a convicted flower thief out of jail. Although it sounds straightforward, this puzzle requires much brainpower.

The varying degrees of difficulty make the secret of monkey island such a fantastic puzzle game. Some are so straightforward that many players will miss the obvious solution, while others demand considerable brain work.

2. Braid

At first, Braid looks straightforward, or maybe it is since players can win the game in record time by running in different directions. However, the more difficult levels require players to collect puzzle pieces, which involves a lot of skill and considerable thought.

Braid’s difficulty stems from its superb time manipulation mechanics, which players will require to complete the game.

3. Fez

Fez is an indie puzzle game. Players play the game in two dimensions. However, the world is three-dimensional but limited to a 90-degree increase, making it four-sided. The rotating mechanic is crucial to the game, as this is the aspect that can reveal new paths and mysteries that the developers previously hid.

The game’s objective is to collect cubes and cube pieces to restore the universe’s order. To do so, players must travel across Fez’s 3D universe and solve various challenges. Fez focuses its puzzle-solving components above everything else. Hence there are no adversaries or bosses.

4. Portal 2

Portal 2 amplifies everything that made the first Portal game unique. The addition of gels gave puzzle-solving a whole new dimension and helped to keep the formula seeming fresh. The most significant innovation, co-op multiplayer, can be extremely difficult for both players.

Finding the solution to a puzzle can be difficult, but putting it together and understanding the timings required is the most challenging aspect.

When you add that players will have to rely on their partner’s talent and intelligence, Portal 2 is arguably the most irritating and complex puzzle game overall.

5. Broken Sound

The Broken Sword series is one of the best puzzle games available in the point-and-click genre, and it’s known for its thought-provoking challenges and endearing cast.

The game takes much inspiration from real-life history and embellishes it to make a fun and tough escapade. To stop the Neo-Templars, players must think outside the box and apply a healthy dose of common sense. The notorious goat puzzle is probably the game’s most renowned conundrum, but it is just one of several that will take some time to solve.