Six Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands
October 4, 2022

Putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle is one of the activities you can use to clear your mind. This activity allows you to relax while your hands and brain work on something spectacular. This article provides you with a list of the best quality and popular jigsaw brands that will ensure maximum satisfaction from your newfound hobby.

1. Clementoni

Clementoni is first among the best jigsaw puzzle brands. The high-quality Italian brand boasts of sturdy packaging and thick parts with a linen feel. Additionally, their image selection and piece cuts are outstanding. Fine art, nature, and photographic puzzles are their specialties, with some stunning collage photos tossed in for good measure.

Some of the famous puzzles from this brand include Bowl of flowers, Santorin, and the old cottage garden. The manufactured products of these puzzles can serve as a gift or home décor.

2. Sunsout

Next on the list is the Sunsout jigsaw puzzle. It is one of the highest-quality puzzle brands in America, with the broadest piece counts and distinctive shapes. These puzzles are large, colorful, and have sound and visual reproduction.

Sunsout uses the image of some American artists on their puzzles. These artists include Susan Barbeau, Jenny Newland, and Mary Thompson. The brand also manufactures both shaped and rectangular puzzles.

3. Jumbo

Jumbo is a German jigsaw puzzle company that prides itself on providing the highest quality, from the boxes to the piece thickness and design possibilities.

Jumbo boxes are robust, of exceptional quality, and have a distinctive design, as one would expect from a German manufacturer. You can move a small group of attached pieces while working on the puzzle, but only in complete secrecy.

The most famous products from this brand are their JVH (Jan Van Haasteren) cartoon puzzles and the Wasgij line. The ‘Falcon’ is another interesting puzzling line from Jumbo.

4. Schmidt

Schmidt is another German manufacturer of high-quality jigsaw puzzles with significant cases, thick pieces, and incredible image reproduction. Despite their fantastic grid cuts, their piece lines are weird, but they contain a wider variety of piece forms than other grid cut puzzles.

Schmidt Premium pays attention to the little details, and it is evident. Their precise fit, wide range of grid-cut shapes, thick pieces, and seamless end products are the foremost in the market. Additionally, Schmidt produces an array of puzzles with attention to fantasy and photographic images.

Lastly, the manufacturers provide a wide range of jigsaw puzzles suitable for all age levels, with pieces ranging from 10 to 3,000 and focusing on traditional and fantasy themes.

5. Ceaco

Ceaco is another high-quality jigsaw puzzle manufacturer. Ceaco has been producing high-quality, imaginative, and challenging jigsaw puzzles since 1987, providing hours of family pleasure.

In addition to collaborating with amazing artists like Steve Skelton and Thomas Kinkade, Ceaco is always looking for new trends and unique technologies that involve innovative puzzle materials from across the world.

6. Whitemountain

For almost 25 years, Whitemountain has produced high-quality jigsaw puzzles for the entire family. The American brand specializes in collage, instructional, regional puzzles, and other images.

Their jigsaw pieces are broader, randomly cut, and flawlessly fit together. Furthermore, the image reproduction and box design are bright and appealing to individuals of all ages and IQ levels.