Sites To Read and Download Ebooks
October 7, 2022

Due to the incredible advances in technology, you can now access your favorite books without buying their hard copies. While many people still enjoy buying paperbacks, others have transitted to reading and buying books online, primarily because it is convenient, fast, and more accessible.

Due to the increase in online reading, there are now many ebook stores where you can download, buy and read books for free. Here are some sites where you can download and read ebooks.

1. Project Gutenberg

The site has a library with over 50,000 ebooks for download in MOBI or EPUB format. You can also create and share ebooks online for free. The site allows you to browse for books by category, by latest, random, and most popular. You can spend your whole day reading books on this site due to the number of books.

2. Overdrive

Overdrive is one of the fastest way to access many ebooks. They work with over 30,000 libraries in different countries worldwide. You can also listen to their audiobooks for free. The downside of this site is that you will need an active library card, or you have to be a student to access these books.

3. Google ebookstore

Owning an Android device has its perks, as you can use the Google ebook store from your device. There are many genres to select from, and you can read the books in PDF, EPUB, etc.

4. Bookboon

Bookboon is great for students who want to read books related to their subjects or maybe travelers who like to read on their journey. The site has over 1000 free books ranging from business to educational textbooks. It allows you to read books in PDF format, and the site is easy to use.

5. Feedbooks

Feedbooks has a vast collection of downloadable fictional and non-fictional ebooks. While they have over a million books, about half are free. Many of their books are available in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF format. They also have the reading time estimates and word count features.

6. Open Library

Open Library has over 1.5 million books with an easily searchable directory of their free ebooks. Thanks to their scrollable categories, you can easily find books you may be interested in. Some of their classes include kids, history, and romance.

7. Freebookspot

Freebookspot has a vast free Ebook collection with over 5000 ebooks and 96 categories. The site also allows you to download many free ebooks related to various genres.

8. Manybooks

With Manybooks, you get an array of books to read, and you can read them on many reading platforms like Nooks, eReaders, and Kindle. You can access free books from their 33,000 collections. The site’s front page is pretty eye-catching, and it allows you to search for books by languages, authors, titles, recent reviews, etc.

9. Free Ebooks

Free ebooks offer an array of books ranging from romance, fiction, health, humor, business, etc. You can check for the latest arrivals, audiobooks, and the top 10 list of books on this site. All you need is to register and activate your account to access the books. After that, you can select any book and read it in PDF or TXT format.