Good Books to Read to Your Baby
October 16, 2022

While many parents enjoy singing and talking to their babies, they don’t realize that reading to them while still in the womb is another excellent option.

An unborn baby can hear sounds outside the womb from about the 27th week. Reading books to them is an excellent way to get them familiar with your voice. It is also a good way to strengthen the bond between you two.

Below is a list of good books to read to your unborn baby.

1. The wonderful things you will be

This New York Times Bestseller celebrates the pride and affection a parent has for their kids. The author Emily Winfile Martin writes the book in a rhythmic manner with cute illustrations. This book is perfect for parents-to-be, and the loving messages are enough to carry them and their little kid in the womb and through infancy.

2. Love You Forever

Love You Forever is a classic book by Robert Munsch. Although it is not specifically for unborn babies, its sweet, happy, melancholic, and endearing words are great for them.

3. I wish For You

David Wax and Brett Blumenthal’s book “I wish For You” explores the values and features parents hope their kids will adopt. It also explains how they can learn these things from creatures like a lion who shows courage, a bear who shows strength, and a kind panda. Ultimately, the book appreciates the natural world and the things it can teach kids.

4. Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here!

This book by Barbara Park is about an unborn baby who is bored in the womb. There is no toy, no puppy, nothing, hence the boredom. As a result, the baby constantly anticipates its arrival day. The book has some sense of humor and is sure to make both parents laugh as they read it.

5. Nine Months In My Mommy

Nine Months in My Mummy by Carole Marsh is about how an unborn baby tries to understand inputs from the outside world. This book provides an excellent opportunity for bonding between a dad, mom, and the unborn baby. It is a reminder of how they hear mom’s voice as the baby in the book constantly tries to understand what mom is saying. It is a great book and should be on top of the list of books to read to your unborn baby.

6. I love you to the Moon and Back

This book by Amelia Hepworth offers a rhythmic story that talks about the ways people love each other. It also shares the story of a bear and her cubs. This book is one to read to your baby as it allows him or her to feel your love.

7. Mama Loves You So

Terry Pierce’s “Mama Loves You So” is a story with poetic and beautiful sweet lines about the degree of a mother’s love for her baby. It is a bit emotional and can make the pregnant mom cry while reading it to her baby. The book has beautiful illustrations with thick and lovely pages.