Golf Equipment and their Uses
October 4, 2022

Golf is more than just a game of clubs and balls. Aside from knowing the game’s rules, it’s also vital to know the objects and how to use them. Knowing and having these items can help you play better and have a more successful match.

Here are some golf terms you should be familiar with and their applications.

1. Golf clubs

Golf clubs are the first essential items to have. A golf club has a grip, a club head, and a shaft. It helps propel golf balls into holes on a course. A standard set of golf clubs are usually 14 in a bag, and they come in various types, including wedges, woods, irons, and putters. Each golf club is precisely to achieve shots at different distance ranges.

2. Golf balls

There are many types of balls in the market. While some are more suitable for experts, others are more suitable for beginners in terms of driving distance and accuracy. Therefore it is essential to select one that suits your skill level to have an easy game.

3. Hand glove

Hand gloves allow you to have a good grip and sensitivity on the club. They come in leather or synthetic materials. Players usually use one glove to play; however, you can wear them on both hands. In selecting a good golf hand glove, ensure you get one that fits your hands and supports the fleshy part of your palm nicely.

4. Ball markers

A ball marker is a small and round object necessary to maintain the exact location of a golf ball. It helps mark the spot of a ball after a player lifts it off the putting green by placing it behind the ball before it leaves its area. Professional golfers also use a coin, round metal disc, or tee as a substitute for ball markers.

5. Tees

A tee is a small wooden or plastic nail-like item with a flat head and a slim shaft. The small head can accommodate a ball, and the thin shaft allows players to drive it into the ground. Players use tees to support the ball they use on their first stroke of each hole. Tees come in various colors, including yellow, black, green, red, white, etc. The red tees are the closest to the hole, and some people refer to them as the ladies’ tees; the yellow tees are mainly for men playing recreational golf, and the white ones are for competition.

6. Golf bag

A golf bag is necessary for carrying your items. It comes in various sizes, materials, and colors suitable for all the things you may need to take.

7. Scorecards

Every game requires a score sheet to keep track of players’ shots and scores. There are wooden, metal, and plastic cards. Asides from recording scores, scorecards also have tabs for recording the par of a hole and its distance from the tee to the greens.

8. Divot tools

Divot tools help fix ball marks on the putting green’s surface. Players leave ball or pitch marks when the ball lands heavily or loosely on a green and leaves a slight lowering on that part of the ground.

9.Other equipment

Other equipment includes pitching wedges, rain gear, cleaning rods, umbrellas, lob wedges, etc.