Five Top Variations of Scrabble
October 15, 2022

Traditional scrabble offer a fun and relaxing time, whether while playing during family time or at a competition. While this is true, it is always a great idea to switch things up and keep the game interesting. Different variations of scrabble can help you achieve this. These variations will breathe new life into the old-fashioned board game and keep everyone entertained. Below are the top variations of scrabble:

1. Clabbers

Clabbers is one scrabble variant that you can play using the regular scrabble board. Although there are various ways to use the scrabble board when playing, clabbers remain of the best.

The rules for playing clabbers are straightforward. There is only one significant rule change to the original scrabble rules; players can use anagrams of valid words. This single rule change can make the match incredibly frantic and intense.

2. Scrabble Flash

Scrabble Flash is an excellent variant for gadget and toy lovers. This game completely changes the rules of scrabble by playing the game on a set of five cubes. These cubes feature LCD screens and contain magnets that cling them together. Each LCD screen displays a letter, and the player can connect them in any order to create valid words.

The game’s software picks these letters randomly. First, you need to study them and create as many words as possible. The rule of the game states that these words must be between three to five letters long. The screen refreshes automatically with new letters after you have exhausted the possible words from the current set. You can either opt to beat your previous score or let another player try out.

3. Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO is an officially licensed mobile scrabble application. It maintains the same rules and valid words as the original scrabble. The extra features attributed to a mobile game differentiate this variant from the board game.

The application allows players to connect and compete with friends and strangers alike. It also features additional game modes, level boosters, leaderboard rankings, and in-app purchases. It also has an automatic word checker, which checks each word’s validity.

4. Scrabble Junior

Scrabble Junior is a kid-friendly variant of Scrabble. It features two play modes with different levels of spelling and reading comprehension. The first mode is for younger kids still learning how to spell, while the older kids can use the more traditional scrabble layout on the other side of the game board.

The only notable difference is the absence of bonus squares in Scrabble Junior. Besides that, the rules in this variant and traditional scrabble are similar.

5. Scrabble Slam

This variant is an excellent choice for fans of word card games that want a mix of both games. You need to play your cards quickly in scrabble slam to have the edge over your opponent.

There are letters printed on the Scrabble Slam cards. The game’s objective is to spell four-letter words by placing one or more cards on the current ones. For instance, if the word “corn” is on the table, you can stack a B card over the C to form “Born.”

Play goes on until there are no new words to create. Everyone plays simultaneously, which is why quick thinking is an essential skill for this game.