Five Fun Board Games for Large Groups
October 7, 2022

Whether you plan on hosting a game night or large gathering of any kind, there are fun board games to keep the whole group entertained. These board games are well suited for larger groups of people. The rules are straightforward and easily understood by newbies. They are also easy to join, even if the game has started. Below is a list of fun board games for large groups:

1. Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an exciting card game suited for parties. The game contains more than 500 apple cards; There are adjectives on the green apple cards and nouns on the red apple cards. The judge for each round pulls a green apple card and reads it to the group. Other players then play one of their red apple cards to reduce the possibility of a bias. After that, the judge selects their favorite card as that round’s winner. It doesn’t matter whether the judge chooses the weirdest or most accurate card. All that counts is the excitement that players derive from playing.

2. Cards Against Humanity

This game’s tagline is “a party game for horrible people.” This should not deter you from playing but rather serve as a caution that it is not a game for individuals with sensitive emotions.

There are two cards in the game: the black cards contain open-ended statements or questions, and the white cards have hilarious, macabre, and bizarre words and phrases. In each round, a different judge plays a black card, and the other players choose one white card from their hands to match it. The answer cards are jumbled and read aloud before a favorite is selected.

You can make it more engaging by awarding points to the player who delivers the correct

3. Scattergories

This game is much fun with larger groups of people because of the fast pace and inventive aspect. The game’s objective is to provide innovative responses to different categories in the allocated time— categories like TV shows, US presidents, Cars, and Foods. But there’s a catch: each answer on the list must start with a specific letter as provided by the 20-sided letter die. After the time limit has expired, players must recite their lists aloud and cross off any word that appears on more than one list, while innovative answers receive one point.

4. Codenames

Codenames is a strategic guessing game suitable for both kids and adults. Divide the group into two teams, with one spymaster from each squad. The spymasters begin the game by placing a couple of 25 one-word code name cards on the table, as indicated by the puzzle card. The spymasters sit across from their teammates and provide them with one-word hints about the identities of their field operatives without categorically stating the code name.

You must guess cautiously, as you risk assisting the opposite team if you name one of their spies by mistake. The first squad to successfully mention all their code names win.

5. Telestrations

The game begins with one player attempting to draw a word written on the game card. The player then passes the drawing to the next player, who must try to figure out what it is before writing the word down. After then, the second player passes the written word to a third player, who attempts to draw it. This process continues for eight rounds, after which the first player reads out the “telephoned” word, much to everyone’s amusement.