Five Best Free Ludo Games on Android
October 15, 2022

Ludo is a famous board game. It has existed for many centuries, and it was initially exclusive to Kings, Queens and Princes only. However, the game quickly became available to everyone in all countries and continents with a similar play mode except minor changes.

Although these games became available before the advent of smartphones, they are now available on your smartphone’s app marketplace. And so, if you want to relive these moments, below is a list of free Ludo Applications on the Google Play Store:

1. Ludo King

Ludo King is the most played Ludo game on Android smartphones globally. This game is also available on IOS and the web. Ludo King is free and includes Snakes and Ladders as a bonus game. It has a unique board design that allows up to six players to compete against each other.

Users can play this game even when offline. It also supports a chat feature that allows users to communicate while playing. The ads on the platform are limited, meaning you are less likely to get frustrated with the interruptions when playing.

2. Ludo World – Ludo Superstar

Tencent Games, the developers of PUGB, created Ludo World. This application features a classic and user-friendly interface. Like PUGB, players of Ludo World can compete with other players from around the world. A unique feature of this game is Ludo Power Mode. It includes the following features; Double Distance doubles the number on your rolled dice; Dice Control aids users by getting the required number to progress at any point; lastly, Power Roll grants an extra turn as a bonus.

3. Ludo Game: Ludo 2020 Star Game

This application is straightforward and does not contain outstanding features besides the norm. It is an excellent choice for family time, and it is suitable for kids irrespective of their abilities. The free version might be frustrating because of the numerous ads, but a premium version can remedy this.

Users can play this game in single-mode or play on thee computers with friends and families. The multiplayer mode accommodates up to four players. This game also includes variants of the basic ludo game, and the rule to apply will depend on your preferred country.

Lastly, it is easy to connect with friends on the app globally, and you receive instant notifications whenever a friend is online.

4. Ludo All-Star

Ludo All-Star is an excellent choice for android users looking for a board game with a twist. The mobile game tests your analytical and critical thinking skills. A maximum of four players can play the game in two different modes- Team Battle and Terminator.

The game allows users to earn free coins by spinning the daily wheel. The VIP status enables users to discard a previous dice roll that doesn’t match their desired outcome. Lastly, users can invite other players via Meta messenger.

5. Ludo Classic

This mobile application allows users to play Ludo on the oldest and classiest boards available. It has a vintage interface that will take you decades back during the absence of digital technologies. You experience Ludo as it was and not the modern outlook it has now.

Although it has this vintage outlook, the game gives users a 3D view of their tokens, creating a perfect mix of the classical and modern times.

Users can customize the board design. There are also different variants of the game available. Two players can connect via Bluetooth and compete against each other.