Five Best Chess Sets
October 13, 2022

Chess is one of the oldest board games. While there are tons of chessboard options on the market, some are famous for their aesthetic value and can improve your playing experience, whether as a beginner or an expert. If you would like to play this old-fashioned board game, below are the best chess sets suitable for all ages and skill levels.

1. Burnt Golden Rosewood Grandmaster Series Chess set

Burnt Golden Rosewood Grandmaster Series Chess set includes the pieces, board, and box. The board size is 23.75 inches square and has a height of .5 inches. The collection comes with two additional queens alongside the standard 32 pieces. The weight of the entire collection is 40.8 ounces.

The board is a work of art itself. The black and white squares contain a mix of blackwood and olive wood, respectively. The chess pieces are also composed of high-quality woods, which evoke an antique impression while serving their intended purpose.

The shiny board and pieces usher the entry of old-world elegance into the chess game.

2. 19″ English Chess Set with Pullout Storage Drawers

This chess set includes the pieces, board, and box. The board’s dimension is 20 x 19 inches and has a height of 3 inches. The King’s height is 3.5 inches. The entire collection weighs 34.4 ounces.

The chest set also features a compact 3-inch pullout storage drawer that provides extra convenience to gameplay and an impressive tweak to the otherwise simple board.

The simplicity might be too plain for chess players accustomed to the antique boards and battle themes with human-like pieces and galloping knights. However, it is a perfect choice for those who value the sturdy design and the utility of these storage drawers.

3. The Grandmaster Chess Set Combo

The board size is 21 inches square, and the weight varies depending on the pieces purchased by the buyer. There are two additional queens with the standard 32 chess pieces.

Also, the pieces are composed of ebonized boxwood while resting on an exquisite mahogany board with an extra touch of birch veneer plywood to this classic of classics tournament chess set.

This chess set is a perfect investment for classic chess competitions. It is also an excellent gift choice for your chess-loving family member or friend.

4. Man Ray Chess Set

Its board size is 17 inches with a height of .75 inches, while the weight size depends on the pieces purchased by the buyer.

This artwork doubles as a chessboard. Artist Man Ray designed the pieces. The knights are sourced directly from an Italian artist, while the other chess pieces originated from Germany.

This collection might be too artistic for chess enthusiasts who want simple boards and perhaps more recognizable pieces. However, there is no denial about the beauty and rarity of this set.

5. Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set

The Gold and Silver Egyptian Chess Set’s shipping weight varies depending on the buyer’s preferences. The board is 22 inches by 22 inches and has a height of .75 inches.

Further, the magnificent Egyptian design and the gold and silver metal composition allude to history. Chess devotees who appreciate history and themed chess sets will treasure this rare piece of history.