Best 8 Puzzles for Babies and Toddlers
October 11, 2022

Kids have a lot to benefit from playing puzzles. These puzzles help develop the kid’s cognitive and motor skills, build their problem-solving prowess, and foster cooperative play. Puzzles present a perfect way to bond with your kids and make them feel proud when completing a task.

Below are the best puzzles for babies and toddlers:

1. Mirror Peekaboo Puzzle

Many newborns can grip items after three or four months. While you don’t want to give them a complex jigsaw puzzle straight away, a simple one like the Mirror Peekaboo Puzzle is a terrific way to develop problem-solving skills.

This puzzle’s thick, round knob is just the right size for a small grip, and after the youngster learns how to lift the piece away, there’s a beautiful surprise underneath—their reflection!

2. Melissa & Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob 5 Piece Puzzle Set

This five-piece puzzle set is a perfect upgrade for your young ones once they are ready to advance from a single-piece puzzle.

Each piece contains a matching picture under its correct slot, helping kids learn object identification.

Make sure you clean up the puzzle pieces after playing to avoid your kid stepping on them.

3. Plan Toys x Pottery Barn Kids Shape Sorter

This puzzle is an excellent choice if you are looking for a minimalist, blend-in-with-your-home-décor look. In the absence of bright colors, your kid can concentrate on the pieces and how they fit together.

4. My First Match It- Heads & Tails

This self-correcting jigsaw puzzle will teach your kid how to count and spell once they are ready to learn numbers and letters. Each piece only has one match, making it evident when they don’t connect. It presents a perfect way to introduce your toddler to jigsaw puzzles, and it’ll keep your child’s mind busy for hours.

5. Janod Alphabet Puzzle

This wooden puzzle allows your toddler to recognize letters, practice sounds, and spell out words.

Your kid can also practice their writing skills at the back of the puzzle, which doubles as a chalkboard.

6. Hape Creative Peg Puzzle

If your child has learned the fundamentals of puzzles, try this two-in-one set from Hape. The base is a giant 4-piece puzzle, but the main challenge is the four groups of shapes that fit perfectly on the pegs. It may require a little twisting and turning to figure out.

7. Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle

This personalized puzzle allows your toddler to practice spelling their name and provides the perfect opportunity for your little one to put their alphabet knowledge to the test.

8. Begin Again Gear Stacker

Begin Again Gear Stacker is a combo of puzzles and stacking toys. Your child can learn balancing by stacking the gears to build a tower or develop their puzzle-solving skills by placing the parts inside each other, so the whole thing rests flat.

The language of each gear piece is in English on one side and Spanish, French, and German on the other. This toy serves as a puzzle, stacker, and language learning aid.